Math Small Group Intervention
Effectiveness of a Small Group Mathematics Intervention for Struggling First Graders
As REL Southwest, Edvance Research conducted a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to evaluate a First Grade Mathematics Intervention. The analysis and results of this RCT is in progress and will be published soon.
What is the research?
While there is research to demonstrate that intensive, explicit small group instruction is effective in reading, the literature base for early math is smaller.  However, recent research suggests that this type of instruction is also essential in mathematics.  The process of providing this type of instruction with increasing intensity to students who are struggling in an academic area such as mathematics is known as Response to Intervention (RtI).  Its major goal is to provide assistance and support to at-risk students in a timely fashion and to do so within the general classroom setting. Ultimately, this will help students by bridging the achievement gap and promoting early mathematics learning. 
This research study examines an intervention, Number Rockets, which includes additional instruction provided above and beyond regular core math instruction to treatment schools with first grade students identified as “at-risk” in mathematics.  The key research question addressed in this study is:
Do grade 1 students at-risk in mathematics who participate in Number Rockets perform better than at-risk control students on the Test of Early Mathematics Ability-Third Edition (TEMA-3)?
To learn more, access the study product announcement or study technical summary.