Collaborative Research & Development
Edvance Research is recognized as a national thought partner in providing innovative and customer-centric solutions to real-world education challenges through its Collaborative Research & Development Program.  We facilitate partnerships between and among researchers and practitioners to bridge the gap between research and practice by engineering unique and ground-breaking approaches to the problems of practice.
Our Approach
We engage with partners using a “problem-centered design” approach to development which:
  • Brings educators together to interact, collaborate and learn from each other
  • Leverages the experience of both researches and practitioners to collectively analyze issues and define the “problems of practice”
  • Facilitates the use of research to co-develop innovative solutions cultivated from both researchers and practitioners
  • Pilots solutions in real situations to accommodate user needs, address implementation challenges and meet improvement objectives
  • Establishes a framework that is robust and scaleable to meet educators changing needs.
Ultimately, success is demonstrated when practitioners adopt solutions that work for them and their schools, and realize the improvements they seek.